Talking With Your Attorney ( Part 3 of 3)

This brings us to the final phase of this series – meeting with your attorney. Having worked with many employees seeking to continue to work in their chosen field, but faced with a restrictive covenant, the initial meeting with the clients often runs the gamut of reactions

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Be Careful Who and What You Are Recording

by: Thomas J. Weber

I have faced a number of questions regarding the propriety of utilizing recording devices to memorialize conversations or events. One such question involved using a tape recorder to record interaction with a troublesome patient.

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Common Law Marriage in Pennsylvania

by: Ronald M. Katzman

The existence of the judicial doctrine of “common law marriage” has been recognized in Pennsylvania by statute. 23 Pa.C.S.A. Section 1103 (Common-law marriage) provides: “This part shall not be construed to change the existing law with regard to common-law marriage.”

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Family and Medical Leave Act Continues To Evolve

Federal Courts in Pennsylvania have given further interpretation to the evolving Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Two recent cases have repercussions pertaining to use of vacation time and the applicability of the FMLA to a category of employees.

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Legal Issues Involving Children

by: Heather L. Paterno

With the divorce rate on a slow and steady increase across the country, the growing number of children born out of wedlock, and the increased willingness of individuals other than the natural parents to take over child-rearing responsibilities, children are becoming an increased focus of the Pennsylvania legal system.

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Personal Rights Under HIPAA

by: Thomas J. Weber

The HIPAA privacy regulations were promulgated as a result of perceived abuses that were occurring with patients’ confidential information. These perceived abuses included the sale of patient health information for marketing purposes.

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Practice Before Pennsylvania Insurance Department

by: Thomas E. Brenner

I represent insurance carriers before the Insurance Department. At times, requests for Hearings are made by insureds in non-renewal or cancellation cases, where the insurer believes they are right, supported by facts and prior administrative decisions

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