Municipal Law

Governing a municipality is a complex job—balancing immediate public interests with long-term planning in a context of State and Federal law. Goldberg Katzman can help.

Goldberg Katzman has the experience and knowledge required to advise public officials in a wide array of legal issues confronting local government. Goldberg Katzman is a trusted resource.

Areas of Concentration:

  • Drafting of ordinances
  • Counsel at meetings
  • File and enforce liens and judgements
  • Compliance with state and federal law

Since 1960, Goldberg Katzman has been committed to the success and well-being of each client.

Goldberg Katzman offers a depth of experience and a wide range of capabilities. Our services adapt to meet your evolving needs. Goldberg Katzman is sized to remain personable and responsive, enabling our clients to enjoy comprehensive, proactive counsel that protects their interests every step of the way.

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